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Jiangsu kangyuanqinna jennerian Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
Address: Jinchuan City, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, No. 9, No.
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Founded at the turn of the millennium (2000), the Jiangsu kangyuanqinna Medicine Company is proud to be one of the first Chinese pharmaceutical companies to take part in the wholesale of blood products and related biological goods. We have always endeavoured to closely follow developments within the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, so in line with the industry as a whole, in 2003 we decided to fully concentrate our efforts within the medical commerce sphere.


Learning from challenges we encountered early on, the Jiangsu kangyuanqinna Medicine Company is now evolving rapidly. We’ve established a mature synergy that has enabled us to endure the ‘fierce winter’ of the WTO global medical economy. This has strengthened our resolve to continue advancing the Chinese medical industry. As of 2005, we had already delivered over a thousand different products via our distribution network, the majority of which were biological and blood-based products. This resulted in a steady increase in profits driven by substantial growth in sales.


However, in accordance with the Chinese Government’s 2007 change in industry regulations, we have subsequently needed to completely alter our development and collaboration strategies. Consequently, we established a brand new delivery service for our corporate clients, and fortunately it has been very well received.


Within the first year of our company’s inception we had amassed approximately one thousand domestic clients, and this number has steadily grown over the following years. We believe this is a result of a constant effort to adhere to our motto: ‘Service says it all, and customers are everything.’