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Jiangsu kangyuanqinna jennerian Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
Address: Jinchuan City, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, No. 9, No.
Corporate culture

Our Beliefs: Integrity, innovation and pragmatism

Our Purpose: Caring for life, and the pursuit of excellence

Our Organisation:

We care for the public whilst pursuing excellence in product quality

Our staff always take care to practise excellence in their service

We are self disciplined, ensuring business integrity


Our Staff:

We care about our organisation, pursuing excellence in our roles

We care for others, pursuing excellence in our society

We take care of ourselves, pursuing excellence in our own lives


Our Corporate Ethics: Honesty, integrity, loyalty and empathy


Our Management’s Philosophy: Achieving ‘win-win’ scenarios whilst upholding our corporate principles is imperative


Our Staffing Philosophy: We believe every person has unique and special skills. Putting each staff member’s expertise into full use is of the essence


Our Philosophy of Incentives: All staff are awarded fairly, being judged principally by their performances


Our Quality Philosophy: Quality is and always will be of the greatest importance


Our Service Philosophy: Enthusiastic, proactive, efficient and professional


Our Budget Philosophy: Work efficiently to save in every way possible